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"You f*cking idiot, that's a lobbo" - Prawn
"Xok" is not an official name, the name has either been given by fans, or was what the character was referred to by others.

oh shish oh funk thats scarey

The Xok are low-resolution, highly artifacted yellow creatures, which bear a huge resemblance to Pac-Man, whilst also being slit-eyed, bearing many, many teeth (of which some are fangs), and having a tongue. Xok have a light blue-grey protective layer over the skin in their cheeks, and a black hole at the back of their mouth, adapting them for periods of intense eating. They are randomly emitted by stars and other planetary objects. They maintain an organized economy with each other, with the currency being teeth, however, it is unknown whether or not these teeth are from the Xok or if they are plundered from other lifeforms. Xoks will also appear friendly and approach anyone kindly then succ them into their black hole. Xoks


(Update It has been confirmed that while the Xok do hunt they use only their teeth as currency as they grow back slowly, restricting their spending)

Xoks can come in many varieties, such as:

  • Suit
  • Suit 2 (which, to eyes of flesh, appears identical to Suit)
  • Suit 3 (reversed/contracted colors of Suit & Suit 2)
  • Corrupt file
  • Forbiddened

All known and reliable information on the Xok has been contained within the video Xok Facts,[1] which in its own right is cryptid and uncertain about any information on the animals.

Front view