A meme about Teapot.

Overview Edit

The meme features a dark gray teapot (the Teapot itself) standing in a completely black background. Accompanying the image is the caption "When you have to start over" which is also the name of the meme. A message is also written on the Teapot, reading "No more Meme Man, no more Orang, only Teapot".

The meme's caption and message on the Teapot seem to indicate that the Teapot's goal to remove all existing constructs and reset the universe has been achieved. The title is “keep memes surreal” hinting that if we don’t, we will have to start over, due to the teapot succeeding in its goals.

this meme has been pinned on the surreal memes subreddit for quite a while, in order to bring this important knowledge to attention.