The army of V E G E T A L unleashed by Orang (Riddle of the Rocks)

This article is about the plural form of V E G E T A L. For the article about the single character V E G E T A L, click this link:Vegetal
V E G E T A L are small, green, sentient beans who are presumably evil and dangerous beings, as the Elephoont of the Shapes referred to them as terrible evil in Riddle of the Rocks. Meme Man also hates them. During Riddle of the Rocks, a huge army of V E G E T A L were released from their "prismatic shackles" by Orang using the octahedron of transcendence. Orang then seemed to command them. Sided with Orang or not, the V E G E T A L are very evil beings, and Meme Man has a good reason to hate them. Although they are generally malicious, there are rare instances where one will enjoy the tanste of VEGETAL. These include Orang, as well as the lesser-known B L O O.