The Time-Mites are entities with the ability to harvest one's time.


Little is know yet of the Time-Mites. Their main goal is to harvest time, which may be for some nefarious perpose or merely becuase that is their sustenance. Nevertheless, they are very dangerous, being able to turn people to stone or complete convolute their entire existence. However, the people turned to stone seem to be able to talk even after their time is taken. GUNNs cannot hurt the Time-Mites, and possibly not any other weapon. The only way yet know to incapacitate a Time-Mite is by using a corrong-grade NETTtm, made in the nth dimenshone. Time-Mites have no defense against them, and will be stuck permenantly when captured by one. 


A Time-Mite is a brown, slightly-greenish tick-like organism with eight apparent limbs and two frontal antennae. It also has a fingerprint-like pattern on its ovular body. Some thin strands grow from its leg joints, which may possibly be hairs.


An Time-mite boi offering a glass of liquid time as a d r i n c c

It also possess a Temporal Shovel, which is a rainbow-colored object with the ability to harvest time itself from other things. When using the temporal shovel, a strange blue spear-like vortex shoots towards the victim.


  • pillars are immune to the time succ of Time-Mites.
  • The Temporal Shovels that the Time-Mites use are apparently half shovel, half temporal shovel. Technically, this means that they are half of itself, causing a paradox. However, paradoxes are normal in the everyday life of ascended past 3rd dimensional beings.

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