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This article refers to the actual riddle, not the meme video called Riddle of the Rocks. That article is here.

The Riddle of the Rocks is a riddle put in place by the Elephoont of the Shapes to protect the Octahedron of Transcendence. Only those who can solve the riddle can gain access to the Octahedron.

The answer to the riddle is L E M O N. Only the Ancients and a select few others know the answer, and those who find a way to learn the answer must perish for accessing the knowledge of the Ancients.

In the video, the riddle is a sentence being said in reverse. if you put that scene backwards, it says "To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty." The video revealing that can be seen here. (WARNING! SPOILER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN RIDDLE OF THE ROCKS)

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