Did some dimensional deity just say... TERRIBLE? The time has come for all of existence to be SCRONCHED.
~ The Omniscronculon

The Omniscronchulon, also known simply as Omniscronchulon, is an all powerful being, appearing only in Riddle of the Rocks 2. He is a force of true evil, worse than any other character in the surreal meme multiverse and is feared across all of creation.

He is much worse than even Orang, for while Orang wanted to control the Surreal Memes multiverse, the Omniscronchulon purely wanted to SCRONCH it and cause utter chaos. Little is known about his early life, other than the fact that he has been banished from existence once before.


The Omniscronchulon is the true villain of Riddle Of The Rocks 2, despite Meme Man believing it to be Orang. The Omniscronchulon is a picardía face, similar to Dr. COOL Jasper and Dr. DARK Francis. He is the brother of The Dimensional Oculus. He was last seen being banished to the void and getting buried under many satellite dishes, brought on him by Money Face (Slunker). He has been banished from existence twice, and can only be freed when too much dimensional shifting occurs, and/or any being says the forbidden word, “TERRIBLE”. He is arguably more powerful than the ancients, whomst have great power.



  • The Omniscronculon appeared briefly in the Pickle Meme Man video, briefly at the end while being covered by static, foreshadowing his prevalence in ROTR 2.
  • He is shown to be the brother of The Dimensional Oculus.
  • He is the most powerful Picardía face in the known multiverse.
  • He has been known to possess maybe even more power than Gawd.


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