The ENTITIES are polydimensional deep-time form of semi-simian beings. They sport a wide range of facets, directions, depths and C O L O U r S.

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So far, every single color on a visible spectrum (for most beings utilizing eyes) has been observed.It is speculated that other colors exist, but without solid 3rd dimensional-proof, we cannot include them in a scholarly article like this one.

Most of the ENTITIES glow; this is because they're incredibly radioactive. Worse still, this radiation is V O I D in signature, meaning it tends to cause ScROncHInG in low-vibration beings. If you or a loved one has come into contact with an ENTITY, you may be entitled to up to 45 Hz of compensation.
The titan

A speculative 3D Model of the Titan. Note that since it is not a being constrained to a measly three dimensions, this is likely only accurate at vibrations lower than Σσ*10-3 Hz.

We know they first manifested in a day-to-day life when they bullied the Progeny of the Titan. It was, by all accounts, a poor choice on their part. One of the few things known about the ENTITIES is that they, for some historical reason or other, fear the Titan.[1]

It is unknown when the first ENTITY came into nonexistence. Most scholars agree it was Todd's fault (as most things are speculated to be), but their origin is incredibly hard to pinpoint as it simultaneously has and has not happened yet.

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The ENTITY, when perceived at a low vibration, is a head. It appears to have a hairless, male, humanoid shape, comprised of various lines and vectors of glowing energy

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