Surreal Staff are trustworthy users here who have special permissions.

List of surreal staff

Activity rankings: (please add to chart)

Very Active - Makes over 20 edits every 3 days.

Active - Makes at least few edits per week.

Semi-Active - Makes a few edits every 4 weeks.

Less Active - Has not made an edit in over 3 weeks.

Inactive - Has not made an edit in over 3 months.

Undetermined - Does not have an activity ranking.

User Rank Joined Trustworthiness Activity Comment
Nullatrum Founder May 11, 2017 100 Inactive The original founder of the wiki, but has now been completely inactive for nearly a year.
S A N T A C L A W S Bureaucrat December 25, 2017 100 Active One of the wiki's bureaucrats, and current wiki president.
PoseidonHeir Bureaucrat November 12, 2017 100 Very Active Commonly considered the most helpful bureaucrat in the wiki, and the first to be promoted aside from JoeJoeTheAnimator.
Grand pillar Bureaucrat December 25, 2017 100 Active The least active bureaucrat but still contributes somewhat often.
GammaRaul Bureaucrat August 29, 2018 100 Semi-Active Another of the wiki's bureaucrats, and the first president of the wiki. Usually very active but mysteriously stopped editing over 1 week ago.
Kyleroo Admin November 19, 2017 99 Active One of the oldest wiki users.
ApertureEmployee427 Admin April 9, 2018 99 Less Active
Germnoobking Admin February 2, 2019 85 Active
Dr. DARK Francis Admin August 31, 2018 85 Active A very helpful user who has contributed a lot to the wiki since the past few months.
MultidimensionalPen Admin September 19, 2018 85 Active
King Zahi Admin September 17, 2018 99 Active
ExcessiveDisappointment Admin January 14, 2019 85 Active
0rangist1111111111111111111 Admin November 19, 2017 75 Active

List of former surreal staff


  • Retired - Announcing that you have officially left the wiki.
  • Active - Still makes a few edits at least once a week.
  • Scronched - Unable to edit for an amount of time due to being blocked.
  • Globalled - Unable to edit due to being blocked across the entire FANDOM network.


User Status Joined Promoted since Demoted since Trustworthiness Comment
Noob6 OTHER Globalled 9/16/18 10/19/18 10/19/18 40 Demoted by JoeJoeTheAnimator due to admin abuse, then globalled for causing flame wars.
Chicko Nastuko Globalled 17/12/18 21/12/18 Unknown 40 Alternate account of Noob6 OTHER. Promoted only for the purpose of stopping SquiddyPepe. Later globalled.
JoeJoeTheAnimator Globalled 6/10/18 10/19/18 12/2/19 10 The first bureaucrat. He got his bureaucrat permissions taken from him for abusing admin powers and spreading lies about good users on Miraheze.
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