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This page lists all Surreal Memes Wiki rules and guidelines; we have rules in order to keep the wiki safe and thriving. The rules are created by the admins and subject to regular change, but if you want to suggest changes you're welcome to message an admin or bureaucrat.

As per Fandom guidelines, wiki admins cannot block a user for anything other than violations of wiki rules, and Surreal Memes Wiki admins will deal with violators as fairly and transparently as possible.

If these rules are too long of a read, there's a shorter version at the bottom of this page, but we automatically assume you have read all rules before joining.

General Behavior Rules

1. You must be at least 13 years of age to contribute to the Surreal Memes Wiki, as per Fandom guidelines.

  • Since we can't really know the age of users without them telling us (which they shouldn't) we base it off maturity. If you act like you're at least 13, you won't be violating any rules.

2. No form of NSFW or adult content is allowed on the wiki. This includes gore, pornography, or other disturbing content.

3. Vandalism in any form is not tolerated.

  • Editing other people's userpages without their consent and for no reason is considered vandalism. Unless, of course, it's JoeJoe's userpage.
  • "Mass Vandalism" is vandalism on a large scale (as in multiple articles in a short time). It delivers much harsher blocks than small scale vandalism.

4. Don't spam or participate in chain mailing.

  • Some forms of spamming may be ok, but only in the case of spamming that is clearly ironic and not disruptive to any other users.

5. Harassment, trolling or abuse, for whatever reason, are not tolerated.

6. No discrimination based on race, religion, gender, beliefs, disorders, etc. This shouldn't be a hateful community.

7. Real-world politics are, for the most part, banned. If you try to push an agenda or advocate for an ideology/politician, you're not welcome here. Reminder that this is a meme community.

  • Casual references to politics, political memes (provided they're funny and encrusted in irony) or friendly political discussion are allowed but discouraged.

8. You can create as many sockpuppet/alternate accounts as you want, but using them to manipulate polls or cause confusion is not tolerated.

  • If you use an alternate account to evade a ban, that account will be banned for at least twice as long as your previous ban.

9. Giving out the personal information of others without their permission, whether they are members of the Surreal Memes Wiki or not, is strictly forbidden.

  • Ideally, do not give out your personal information either, for your own safety.

10. Don't get into flame wars with other users. The best thing to do when you encounter a troll/shitter is to report them to the admins and leave them alone.

  • Debates and peaceful arguments are always ok.

11. Don't use language intended to offend, target or discriminate against someone (Racial/homophobic/hateful slurs).

  • General swearing in comments/discussions is fine as long as it's not directed towards other people.

12. Don't post cringe.

  • This includes unfunny, unironic and wholesome 100 reddit memes.

Article Rules

13. All articles must be fully surreal or directly related to the Surreal Memes Wiki.

  • If you want to create non-surreal content/fanfiction/memes and post them here, do it on discussions, a blog post, or your userpage.
  • Preferably, articles should not be written in Surreal Speak for viewer's u n d e r s t a n d a n c e.

14. Don't create an article for something that doesn't appear in any surreal memes or the Surreal Memes Wiki and never will. These articles are known as non-canon, and if you want to create pages like this there's a wiki just for them.

15. Articles should be written in English, as this is an english-speaking wiki. We value and respect non-english contributors, and this rule is only present to help a majority of our userbase understand content.

  • However, it doesn't matter what type of english articles are written in.

16. Claiming ownership of articles themselves is not allowed.

  • Obviously, you can claim ownership of a meme or character you made yourself.

Editing Rules

17. Spamming edits/categories/images for the sole purpose of earning badges is not tolerated.

18. Pages shouldn't have too many categories (ideally less than 10) with the exception of major pages, just so they aren't clogged up with meaningless categories.

  • Adding unhelpful categories to pages (eg. color categories, case-sensitive duplicate categories) is discouraged.

19. Edits of articles should have at least decent grammar and spelling.

Discussions Rules

20. Add the right categories to your discussions posts. Important is the only category with restrictions on who can use it.

  • General is for posts that don't fit strongly into any other categories or are general discussion.
  • Important is for posts by wiki admins/staff with important news or updates. Unless you have special permissions and have important news, don't use it.
  • Polls is for general polls not related to wiki elections.
  • Off-Topic is for posts not at all related to surreal memes or the wiki.
  • Comic is for surreal meme comics, especially ones you made yourself.
  • YouTube Meme is for surreal meme videos from youtube, especially ones you made yourself.
  • Elections is for anything related to the elections in the Surreal Memes Wiki that occur every other month.
  • Question is for questions you have regarding surreal memes or the Surreal Memes Wiki.
  • Shitpost is for funnies.
  • Minecraft Server is for posts related the the Surreal Memes Wiki's official minecraft server.

Rules for Surreal Memes Wiki Staff

21. Earning staff powers is not always easy. To earn them, you must ask an active bureaucrat on their message wall, and don't expect to be promoted instantly.

  • To be a rollback, you must have at least 100 edits and have not been locally blocked in the past month.
  • To be a chat moderator or discussions moderator, you must have at least 150 edits and have not been locally blocked in the past 3 months.
  • To be a content moderator, you must have at least 250 edits and have not been locally blocked in the past 3 months.
  • To be an administrator, you must have at least 400 edits and have not been locally blocked in the past year.
  • To be a bureaucrat, you must have at least 800 edits and have never been locally blocked.

22. Abuse of staff powers or not following all other rules may result in demotion or a ban.

23. Don't disrespect or mock any other users or wiki staff.

  • The exceptions are well known extreme rule-breakers, or of course, JoeJoe.

24. Don't block users, delete pages, or revert edits without a valid reason.

  • Make sure to give a reason in the dropdown box when you delete a page or ban a user.

25. If you do have to ban a user, make the duration of their block reasonable; both needlessly harsh and carelessly short bans are ok'nt.

  • Admins and bureaucrats should preferably abide by the block length table lower on this page.
  • Constant extreme rule breakers (eg. "people" of sengula) should be blocked indefinitely whenever they return.

26. Don't encourage other users to break the rules.

27. If high-ranking staff (admins, bureaucrats) are going to retire from the wiki or be inactive for a very long time, they should make an announcement to notify users.

28. As a staff member, do not take actions that go against the wishes of the wiki's democratic system, unless the wiki is in a state of emergency.

Rules for Organizations

28. In the Surreal Memes Wiki, any users are allowed to form groups or organizations, with some restrictions.

  • These organizations cannot dictate wiki policy or rules, and have lower priority under the democracy and the wiki staff.
  • People may not be banned for opposing these organizations.
  • These organizations can not openly advocate for rule breaking, harassment, discrimination, or cringe.
  • they must be somewhat related to surreal memes or the Surreal Memes Wiki.


Approaching infinity: You must rëalisZe the truth

Consequences for Breaking the Rules

The punishments for breaking rules are never completely concrete and block lengths will be dealt with in regards to the unique situation. The block times below are just what you should expect on average, but they will vary a bit.

Inappropriate action 1st offense 2nd offense 3rd offense 4th offense 5th offense onwards
Chain mailing/spamming Warning Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 1-4 weeks Blocked for 1-3 months Blocked for >1 year
Spreading personal info of others Blocked for 1-2 months Blocked for >1 year
Inappropriate name Being forced to change your name Blocked for >1 year
Editing other's userpages for no reason Warning Warning Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 1-2 weeks Blocked for >1 month
Spamming edits/pages for badges Warning Final warning Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 2-4 weeks Blocked for >1 month
Harassment Warning Blocked for 1-2 weeks Blocked for 2-4 weeks Blocked for >1 month Blocked for >3 months
Trolling Warning Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 1-4 weeks Blocked for 1-2 months Blocked for 2 months or higher
Vandalism Warning Blocked for 1-2 weeks Blocked for 2-4 weeks Blocked for >2 months Blocked for >1 year
Mass vandalism Blocked for >1 month Blocked for >1 year
Edit/flame warring Warning Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 1-2 weeks Blocked for >1 month Blocked for >3 months
Offensive profanity (racist slurs, etc.) Warning Final warning Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 2-4 weeks Blocked for >1 week
Uploading inappropriate content Blocked for <1 week Blocked for 1-2 months Blocked for >1 year Reported to VSTF
Abuse of powers (Only applies to bureaucrats, administrators, moderators and rollbacks) Warning Warning Single level demotion Loss of all remaining powers Blocked

TLDR (Shorter Version)

  • If you want to create an article, it must be related to surreal memes, or be about something that already exists in some decent-effort surreal memes. Non-surreal, fanon, and low effort articles are not permitted.
  • As of FANDOM's policies, you cannot contribute if you're under 13 years old. Since we can't know who's behind your screen, we base things off maturity, so don't say you're under 13 or act like it.
  • Don't post gore, extremely sexual things, or any other disturbing content.
  • Vandalism of articles, profile pages, spamming and other such things are not tolerated.
  • Harassment, flame wars, and threats are also not tolerated. Good faith arguments related to surreal memes or the wiki are allowed, but don't feed the trolls.
  • General swearing is allowed, but intentionally offensive (racist, homophobic, etc.) slurs are not.
  • Real-world politics are banned. Pushing any sort of agenda or engaging in political debates isn't tolerated.
  • Don't discriminate against other users based on their race, religion, interests, and so on.
  • You're allowed to form organizations in the wiki, but only if they're related to surreal memes or this wiki and don't advocate for rule breaking.