Surreal Memes are the most common type of story in the Surreal Memes universe, appearing in both image and video form.


Surreal Memes are a type of Meme that involves surreal humor and neo-dada themes. Many people consider them hard to understand.

Most surreal memes follow common characters and themes, such as the ongoing conflict between Meme Man and the Vegetal. There is no rule requiring continuity between these memes, but a variety of creators, such as Timotainment, BagelBoy, PoseidonHeir, and DaveAndGerald, have established their own timelines and canons. Since these memes are community created, it is up to the many creators to decide what to do with them.

Surreal memes are either photo or video based. They can be simple 1 panel images, or entire mini-movies like Riddle of the Rocks.

There's also recently been an increase of Surreal Memes that don't use common characters and themes now, which is considerably good since the format and layout of Surreal Memes would start to get predictable if there was no diversity in how they played out.



The setting and plot of a normal surreal meme is commonly an extraterrestrial plane like space. Some feature more comprehensible settings like forests or cities, but memes involving the earth or real-world events are not very common.

The plane of existence in the surreal memes universe is is a web of linked dimensions. The dimensions vary in physical appearance, but most contain stars and nebulae.


Surreal memes tend to be unlinked from time, paying no regard to current events, important people, etc. Between the many dimensions in the surreal multiverse, and the abilities of many characters to transcend or travel through time, it is almost always impossible to pin a given meme to a particular date. This timelessness plays a large role in the longevity of surreal memes, which have the same impact after years of aging, unlike dank, deep-fried, and top text/bottom text memes.


The physics, science, and mathematical systems of the surreal memes universe differs drastically from the normie world. Most characters can live in the vacuum of space, gravity is not normally active, and many characters regularly defy traditional Newtonian physics..


Main article: History of Surreal Memes The history of surreal memes is hard to track, but it is estimated that the placement follows the order released by canon sources.



No vegetal, another example of a classic surreal meme.