Steank is basically the Surreal Meme version of steak, a real-life meat often produced by cattle (which you probably already knew). It is obtain by giving sooch a high thermal.

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Steank has appeared in a couple different Surreal Memes, its most known appearance being in the meme known as ANGERY, where Meme Man was served steank with no VEGETAL, before a VEGETAL leaped into his mouth, causing him to taste it, making him ANGERY.

In DIPP 2: HAPPE, Orang served Meme Man a plate of VEGETAL SALAND with no meant in order to make Meme Man tell Orang the coordinates of Octahedron. But a piece of Raw Steank appeared and asked: "did somebody said no meant?" and the Steank leaped into Meme Man's mouth. Causing him to feel H A P P E.

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