Shanpes are interdimensional objects that exist in multiple dimensions.  

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A few Shanpes have the ability to make you  A S C E N D E or T R A N S C E N D E, such as the OCTAHEDRON OF TRANSCENDENCE  and possibly a few others. One such possible Shanpe is the ICOSAHEDRON OF CAPACITY, however, nobody has proven it's existence. The ICOSAHEDRON is involved in a widespread theory about what happened to Meme Man  and Orang  after the events of "Riddle of the Rocks" , where meme man seeks it out in order to defeat Orang and the Vegetal. Some Shanpes are even alive, such as the Cube, who is a member of The Council of Ancients. Dr COOL Jasper also appears to be a Shanpe (a circle, to be exact), albeit with hands, eyes, and sunglasses.

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  • One theory says that Shanpes were created by the Ancients, however, that theory has since been debunked, after it was proven that the Ancients themselves were Shanpes.
  • Another theory emits from the fact of a higher power creating Shanpes and the Ancients. That theory is stiill plausible, however, no beings higher than the Ancients have been proven to exist
  • Learning the origin of Shanpes would mean learning the origin of the Ancients, which would require multiple layers of A S C E N S I O N achievable only by possesing both the OCTAHEDRON and the supposed ICOSAHEDRON.
  • Dodecahedron men seem to be shanpes with human bodies.

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