this page is about the condition of scrombling, and is NOT, under any circumstances, to be confused with the meme Edit
"s c r o m b l e d", or the action of scronching Edit

S C R O M B L I N G is one of the most prevalent ailments affecting beings. It can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, but typically coalesces as both.

About Edit

The disease was first shoved into the public eye with the publishing of the meme "S C R O M B L E D". It is typically represented in illustrations as as a rapidly expanding black mass with neon red undertones. It's true appearance, however, has never been revealed.

Symptoms BreakdownEdit

  • Experience of Dust: Dust, when experienced, can cause many different forms of injury, ranging from depressed introspection to vehemont Euclidian disintegration.
  • Vast Energies: The true vastness of some energy should never be told. Enough said.
  • Insight into the Illusory Nature of Self: One of the possible positive symptoms of s c r o m b l i n g. While rare, the insight has been observed by third parties many times. All witnesses in every occurence unanimously agree on the undoubtable positivity of this symptom.
  • 'Big Jug Hot Cheese': Subjective to your perspective.
  • Satellites Crashing into your House and Killing you Instantly: The status of this occurence as a symptom of  s c r o m b l i n g  has been disputed. Regardless, L O O K  O U T.
  • Entities in your Room at Night: Imagine all of the above at once. Well, there you go.
  • Realizing that you won't be around forever: At night, Think about this: One day you will no longer be able to continue, and will have no idea on what will happen after you slip. That will keep you up.

Trivia Edit

  • The only known cures of S C R O M B L I N G are to acquire the Sacred Watermelon and S I P P its J U I C C (SUCCing it will most likely work as well) or applying a strong spoon to the forehead, although this leaves an unsightly pixelated blur on the forehead and should only be used in severe cases.

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