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This is a scale featuring all canon characters in the Surreal Memes Universe and documenting how trustworthy they are, on a scale from 0 to 100. Please note that this page is very outdated at the moment and is under construction, and that characters are measured on average trustworthiness throughout all timelines.


Percentage Meanings

To make the Scale of Trustwothiness more clear.

  • ∞ - Extremely trustworthy, trusting will never backfire, even in the most dire of situations.
  • 100 - 90 - Very trustworthy, trusting will never backfire.
  • 89 - 80 - Trustworthy, trusting is safe nearly every time.
  • 79 - 70 - Usually trustworthy, relatively safe to trust.
  • 69 - 60 - Not super trustworthy but still probably okay to trust.
  • 59 - 50 - Borderline trustworthy. It depends if you can trust.
  • 49 - 40 - Not very trustworthy. Trust at your own risk.
  • 39 - 30 - Relatively untrustworthy. Better not to trust, unless from a certain dimenshone and/or organization.
  • 29 - 20 - Not trustworthy. Trusting is a bad idea.
  • 19 - 10 - Quite untrustworthy. Only trust in exceptional circumstances.
  • 9 - 1 - Very untrustworthy. trusting will almost certainly backfire. Only trust if you're out of options.
  • 0 - Never remotely trustworthy. Never trust in any dimenshone.

Trustworthy (80-100%)

Do not engage fear, you can trust them.

Image Name Percentage Notes
Meme Man.PNG
Meme Man He is the hero of the surreal memes universe, and is dedicated to saving it. Sometimes scronched dimensions, but either by accident or for good reason. Is willing to sacrifice for the greater good.
  • Best meme head
  • most trustworthy
Crab PNG46.png
Crustacean of Creation 100 The creator of everything in PoseidonHeir's timeline. Always trust.

  • Best god
  • Best crustacean/crab
  • The best animal
I.R.O.N.I.C 100 Former wiki organization that was dedicated to defeating the violent side of Orang's supporters.

  • Best organization
Elephoot Of The Shapes.png
Elephoont of the Shapes 100 Protector of the OCTAHEDRON OF TRANSCENDENCE.
  • One of the best animals
Martin, god of the universe.png
Hieronymus bosch.jpg
Martin, God of the Universe

Hieronymus Bosch




Martin: In the ViruCide timeline, helped kickstart the events of The rebellion and protects the universe from danger.
  • One of the best gods
  • Best Martin

Hieronymus: In the RandomnessCentral timeline, he painted surreal paintings before reality. When the being known as ORDAR went mad and created reality and the vegetals, Hieronymus created Meme Man, SMYLE, and HANDSUMM to stop him. Hieronymus is currently dead, but he killed ORDAR as well.

HANDSUMM: In the Randomnesscentral timeline, he was created by Hieronymus Bosch as a defence against the vegetals, and was possibly killed by a boom-boom sphere. Totally trustable.

The Dimensional Oculus 100 One of the heroes who stopped the Omniscronchulon.
  • Best Oracle
The Cosmagon 100 Created by the Dimensional Oculus to serve as a vehicle for the heroes of the multiverse. May have an AI, as evidenced by it scanning Elephoont of the Shanpes without instructions to do so. Even in the case of it not being sentient, it can be trusted.
  • Best Vehicle/AI
The Rhoonoceros of Power 100 Protector of The Icosahedron of Capacity.
  • One of the best animals
Martin the guardian.png
Martin the Guardian 100 Protector of the Octahedron of Instability.
  • Best Guardian
Long Boy.jpg
Facts Narrator /[REDACTED] 100 Narrates the Facts in the Facts series. Very knowledgeable, and shares his info with all for free.
  • Best Long Boy variant
  • Best narrator
Other Council.PNG

The Council of the Ancients (Real)



Fought off the somehwta-untrustworthy Recycling Bin and saved Orang. Wields the legendary power of the GREG.

Enlightened Meme Man at the end of ROTR 2, although they later punished him on suspicion of creating dimensional tears and causing a vegetal uprising. they also banished fusion because they thought he was a mistake, and thus may be slightly corrupt, however, they acknowledged their mistakes in CotC.

  • Best council
Shibers (as a whole) 95 These doggos serve BEPIS to other beings, but barely ever serve C O N K E.
  • Some of the best animals
  • Best dogs
  • Best salesmen
  • Best species
Alien 95 Granted Meme Man great knowledge and rëalisZation in the meme RëalisZe. In Coda of the Cosmos, Alien joined Meme Man's side.
John Mints 95 Featured in Timotainment’s mint facts video.
  • Best food processor
  • Second best Long Boy variant
Bepis Man 95 Attacks people who wish to scronch his Bepis.
Martin.exe (thumbnail).jpg
martin.exe 95 Leader of the Cyber Beings. Helped Meme man defeat Martin the Soultaker in The rebellion.
  • Best program
Grand Pillar Cl'egius 85 One of the members of the false council of the ancients, is good in PoseidonHeir's timeline.
  • Best pillar
Nam Emem (Transparent).png
Nam Emem 85 Helped Meme Man and Orang defeat SpingeGod.




8585 T̶̨͙̞́̓̆̈́͘̕̚ͅH̸̞̱́Ḛ̴̡̛̙̩̀̒̌_̶̺͇̻͚̼̥̋͌͘C̶͖̓͊͠Ȗ̸̢͕͕̭̪́͜B̸̳͇̏͑͆̾͛͝Ȩ̷̭̬̀͗͒͂́͆͘: Good in most timelines. Tries to help Meme Man in Timotainment's ROTR prequels (more specifically, Council of The Ancients) by spelling out a warning. Furthermore, directly helps Meme Man in PoseidonHeir's timeline.

SUS: seemed sussy, but was trustworthy enough to receive the dimensional oculus' power when said oculus died.

Cyber being 2.gif
Cyber Beings 85 A group of 4 individuals that help Meme Man in The Rebellion under the command of martin.exe.
  • Best minion
  • Best Picardía Face/Emotiguy (Cyber Being #3)
Lord Bread.png
Rainbow Frog2.jpg
Lord Bread

Rainbow Frog

8080 Lord Bread: Member of the Council of the Ancients. Helped Meme Man defeat Orang in PoseidonHeir's timeline. Do not attack him though, for he wields the bread.

Rainbow Frog: Is helping Fusion detect the source of his uneasiness.

Generally Trustworthy (50-79%)

You can often trust, but these entities may occasionally betray you. However, it is still relatively safe to trust.

Image Name Percentage Notes
AaaaaAAaAaAaaaAaAa 75 Good in PoseidonHeir's timeline.
Ambassador BL uee 75 Good in PoseidonHeir's timeline.
Martin 75 Helps Meme Man and others defeat Martin the Soultaker in The Rebellion.
  • Best Mortal
The T E A P O T 75 Seeks to renew the universe after THE FINAL CRISIS.

Also the true creation deity in PoseidonHeir's timeline, but is not terribly trustworthy due to abandoning his first creation nearly immediately.

Steank Waiter.png
Steank Waiter 75 Attempts to give Steank with no VEGETAL.
  • Best waiter
Birdman 75 Resurrected the other meme heads at the end of Meme Lads 3.
Magenda 70 One of the Coloures. A primary member of CMYK, a secondary member of RGB, and a tertiary member of RYB.
Meme man jr..PNG
Meme Man Jr. 70 Often portrayed as Meme Man's brother, son, or friend.
Orang Transparent.png
Orang 60 Was originally a traitor and the main antagonist of surreal memes, but has long since redeemed himself and is an ally of Meme Man in all timelines.
Mr. Tomto.png
Mr. Tomto 57 He is a member of the Council of the Ancients and he could be a froont (sometimes instead of a vegetal), but some froonts and a lot of vegetals are evil. His user account is good.
  • Best froont except for maybe AllMightyOrang
  • Best vegetals
[Image not available] The INDEPENDONT (as a whole) 55 Not fans of Meme Man, but they don’t hate him, and these people will usually only harm Orang, or anyone who threatens them. Trunst is an okay idea.
  • Best Vigilantes
  • 2nd best Pillar (Nate Pillar The Third)
All Of Them.png
Froonts (as a whole) 55 Some are known to be good, while some are known to be evil.
Rde 55 One of the Coloures. A primary member of RGB and RYB and a secondary member of CMYK.
Fusion 55 Was a failed mistake created by the ancients, tried to live a normal life, but got banished to the void. He got sucked into conflict in Coda of the Cosmos and befriended Meme Man, but was later abandoned by him and turned against him. Although he caused damage, he never intended evil before being abandoned.
Bowling Balls (as a whole) 50 Might be sentient. They only reside in bowling allies, and can either be or not be trusted, due to doing what they want when close to pins.
Martin the Memelord (new).png
Recycling Bin.png
Martin the Memelord

Recycling Bin

5050 Martin the Memelord: Attacks Meme Man when he tries to enter the portal to the Cyber Dimension. This could be purely malicious, or just an impulse response because he is the guardian of that dimension.

Recycling Bin: Guardian of one of the ovals of infinity. Will destroy you unless you only recycle. Trustworthy if you only recycle.

Generally Untrustworthy (30-49%)

There are times when you can trust them, but trusting is generally advised against.

Image Name Percentage Notes
S990389325454429633 p125 i1 w434.png
Blue Raspburres 49 Usually a fruit and flavor which is on the steak. It is advised to not utter the word RARE, lest you intend on summoning É.
Money face.PNG
Slunker 45 Used rent money for anime figurines, kill all other meme lads in death realm, and gives satellite dishes to people even if they don't need them, but can be trustworthy sometimes. He is the third worst meme head, behind Zuck and É.
Proffessor Warm Casper.png
Prof. Warm Casper 40 He is an enemy of Dr. Cool Jasper, but he is not good by any means.
John Lemon 40 Antagonist in Capprio's timeline, but proven to be good in KASE's timeline.
Flawless picardia by epycwyn-dbkbyfq.png
Picardía Faces (as a whole) 40 Trustworthiness depends on the specific Picardía Face. Usually untrustworthy, however, and notable exceptions are listed above.
Pencil Man 40 Probably one of Eraser Man's biggest rivals, however.
The Fishes.PNG
The F I S H e S 35 Usually kill beings who disturb them.
  • Worst fish
Dr. COOL Jasper 30 A destructive being, bent on freezing mostly everyone and generally causing chaos.
The Azul Picardia.png
Azul Picardía 30 He tried to chase Meme Man and Orang, but he banished Chr. KIRK Leonard and his rating was increased.

Very Untrustworthy (0-29%)

Do not trust in any circumstances.

Image Name Percentage Notes
Grimm Rapper.jpg



GRIMM RAPPER: while not particularly evil, she does teleport beings at random to her domain and sentence them to yamnation if she achieves a rap fatality before them in a rap battle.

Zucc: A floating head in Meme Lads. He is known for stalking and sabotaging the plans of the lads. So far, he is probably considered the worst meme head ever.

  • Usually the worst meme head
Normie Memes ~15 Evil, destructive, and unfunny memes that wish to corrupt other memes.
  • Worst organization
  • Worst memes
Time Mite.png
Time-Mite 15 Mostly almost always steals your time.
  • Worst Insect/micro-organism
Füsh 12 There's something fishy about him
The Scribes 10 A particularly malicious group of Pencil Men that harnessed the power of The Omniscronchulon.

Do not trust unless you intend to construcc a prison for evil.

  • Worst Pencilmen
S͍̰͍̩̈̉͠H̢̢͉̫̲̤̯̭͐̍͆͛ͦ̓̋̉̔̄͝E̲̳̣̥̓̕͝҉͆ 10 An evil destructive human who will destroy you and steal your blue, do not trust her.
  • Worst female character
  • One of the worst demons
SpingeGod 10 Tried to take over and warp all dimensions before getting killed by Nam Emem.
  • Worst god
Vegetal by navrat susa-dbqvj02.png
Vegetals (as a whole)

Vegetals: Destructive, evil, and dark beings, almost never trustworthy.
  • Worst consumables
  • Worst vegetals
  • Worst foond

Da Baby Convertibles: In the RandomnessCentral timeline, they are the evil troops of Appal.

Dababy car .png


Pillars (as a whole)

Da Baby Convertibles




Pillars: Not including some like Grand Pillar Cl'egius, the only good Pillar
  • Worst species

Da Baby Convertibles: In the Randomness Central timeline, they are the evil troops of Appal.

VECTORED: In the RandomnessCentral timeline, he is an evil being working with Vegetal who freed SMYLE from the void he was imprisoned in, eventually setting off to find the ovals of infinity.

nitraM 1 Martin's worst enemy and servant to Martin the Soultaker. Incredibly deceptive, perhaps more than Orang.
E̶̡̯̗̘̪̱͊̋͛̀̈́̑̇̊͌̌̋̌͋̕͘Ŗ̴̧͓͈͍̤͔̼̞̘̩̥͑Ŗ̵̞̰̗̰̼̭̺̍̅̎̐̽̈́̏͠Ǫ̴̢̧̮̱̳͖̭͈͉̗̻͔̾́̌̉͑̐͝͠R̶͓̜͙͙͍͇̱͓͉̳͉͂́́̈́̽̚͝:̸̢̲̩͚̗̙̤̆̽̐͋̽̉͋͌́̚͜ͅ ̶̨̋̎́̈́͒̽́͒̒̈Ń̷̪̰͖̭̗̹͈̬̤͓̩̼̞̒̇̃̓́̒̀ͅơ̶̳̤̲̅̅ ̸̠̖̊͑͐̒̓͘ḯ̶̢̦͔̪͚̘͔͕̝̬̤̠̃̑͌͜͜͠ḿ̷̧̢͚̙͖̘̹̙͓̦̬̉̏̒̐̌̀͋͑͌á̴͚̣͎͍̯͂͑͆̆̿̄̂̎͠g̷͖̗̲̪͎̟͉͚̖̲̯̞̤͐̈́́͐̽̓ͅͅę̵̛̠̻̪̟̦͕͇̰̍̊̅̔̋͒̒̔̈́̑͂̈́́̈́ ̴̤̠͈̼̘̻̘͚̭̭̲̝͂͑̓͒̿͗̈́̄̓͆̑̊̽͘ͅf̷̡̧̟̜̩̯̆̒̒̃̾̌͊̊̇̆o̸͓̱̮̹̅͜u̶̻̳̔̏n̸̡̺̣͎̪͑̃́̽̀̀͆͝ḑ̴̛̩͖̠͉̳̦̬̟̪̐̀̃̎͜ Unstable Martin 1 A fusion of Martin and nitraM, but with their combined traits and nitraM's evil trait.
Pillar Lord.png

The Pillar Lord
~0.5 Leader of the entire Pillar organization, the creator of Conke, and mass scroncher. Can only be trusted in the worst scenarios there are, as evidenced by him at least attempting to scronch the Omniscronchulon.
  • Worst pillar
Martin the soultaker (new).png
Martin, Soultaker of the Universe 0 One of the Martins. Archenemy and Brother of Martin, God of the Universe. Attempts to overthrow him, but is stopped by Meme Man and co. in The Rebellion.
  • Worst demon
  • Worst Martin
The E Y E 0 Starts the final crisis inverting all, truly warm and bad.
  • Worst oracle
  • Worst Non-Canon character
O m n i s c r o n c h u l o n.png
Omniscronchulon 0 Attempted to destroy all dimensions at least twice. He is considered the worst Picardía Face ever.
  • Worst Picardía Face
  • Former Worst Surreal Memes Character
  • Worst Ancient
  • Almost the least trustworthy being there is


Fusion (While fused with The Omniscronchulon)



0 (but still lower than the above)



Fusion: After a brief bout of insanity, the once-reasonable Fusion then... well, fused with the Omniscronchulon. Due to his fusion with the Omniscronchulon (after his rage), he manages to be less trustworthy than the previous worst. Never trust, under any circumstance.
  • Worst Meme Head
  • Least trustable being in the universe

SMYLE: in the randomness central timeline, after the death of HANDSUMM, SMYLE betrayed Hieronymus Bosch and Meme Man, giving ORDAR the weakness of Hieronymus. Meme Man locked him away in a void, but SMYLE was later freed by VECTORED, working under Vegetal's orders. The three of them headed off to find the ovals of infinity.

NEVER EVER TRUST SMYLE. His time in the void has twisted him, beyond the evil that already existed.

ORDAR: ORDAR is the god of all that is evil in the RandomnessCentral timeline. he created the vegetals. and destroyed Hieronymus Bosch. He is now dead, but he could be resurrected.



It is not yet sure if they are trustworthy, we haven't seen these for enough time to estimate.

Image Name Notes
Irony Child


Irony Child: About as trustworthy as Meme Man Jr. and Birdman.

SITT: not much is known as SITT, other than it being a floating chair that relieves the pain of floating through space. While it seems trustworthy, it might not be.

Lemmn Is sometimes actually Orang. But you can trust the real Lemmn.
Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 12.39.26 pm.png
The Watermark the watermark probably has a high trustworthiness since it did protect meme man in ROTR2
Друг Probably high trustworthiness since he brings you groceries and tucks you in for sleep.
Meme Man Clones While they attack Meme Man, they also save him from rogue Orangs. Trustworthiness unknown.