Speak Before the Council
SPEAK, BEFORE THE COUNCIL is a meme parodying the Jedi Council scene from one of the Star Wars movies. This meme shows Orang in space with another 3 coulores all sitting in chairs.

The meme has the caption "Speak, before the council, they wish to commune"


  • The names of the other "Council" members are Lime, Lemon, and Pomorang.
  • It is an non-canon propaganda that shows Orang as a council member but this is not true because Orang is not to be trusted.
  • This Council is not to be trusted. Only the Council of the Ancients can be trusted, as long as the Pillar Lord is not controlling them. In BagelBoy's timeline, only trustworthy council is different.
  • The original name of the council was The Council of Colours, though this was changed twice, first to Council of Citrus, then to The Council Of Fruits (not known if true)
  • There are other members (not known if true)