Surreal Overview

Riddle of the Rocks is a Surreal Meme video by BagelBoy.

In this meme Orang and Meme Man found the OCTAHEDRON OF TRANSCENDENCE but were halted by the Elephoont of The Shapes. They were asked to complete the "Riddle of the Rocks" in order to obtain the Octahedron. They went to the pillars and retrieved the answer (LEMON), but this was ancient knonwledge so the pillars tried to destroy them. They escaped and returned to the elephoont. They gave him the answer and retrieved the octahedron, but Orang took it for himself and unleashed the Vegetal. It currently has two prequels: The Council of the Ancients and Quest for the Octahedron.


Orang and Meme Man journeyed through the dimensions to find the OCTAHEDRON OF TRANSCENDENCE, but were halted by its guardian (known as the Elephoont of Shapes), who demanded they solve his riddle. Orang then took Meme Man to the home of the Pillars for help. The lead Pillar gave Meme Man the answer to the riddle, but as it was forbidden knowledge, he was to be SCRONCHED. Orang successfully saved Meme Man from the Pillars, as they were only O45/34th dimensional and could not harm him. After this, Meme Man declared he could "TRUST ORANG", which was a bad idea.

After fleeing the pillars, they return to the Elephoont. Upon giving them the answer to his riddle, he gladly bestows the OCTAHEDRON upon them. However, it was then that Orang's true intentions were revealed, as he stole the OCTAHEDRON from Meme Man.

Terrified of this act of unspeakable evil, the Elephoont performed a ritual of the Ancients, using the powers of three of the good ancients, all of which are shapes impossible in the 3 dimensional world, causing Meme Man to ASCEND. After his ascension, he learned the truth of this universe: never trust orang.

Orang, now controlling a horde of Vegetal as well as the Pillars, engaged with Meme Man in mortal combat. It is not known what happens after this, but they have continued to fight ever since.


Since Riddle of the Rocks 1 is a cliffhanger, BagelBoy has created a sequel, with the help and collaboration of many other surreal meme creators. It was released on July 22, 2018, almost 3 months past the original said due date.

Here is a link to ROTR 1: Youtube - Riddle of the Rocks