Reveal All[1] is an original Surreal Memes Video by Timotainment involving Meme Man and a computer.

Summary Edit

The video starts with a compute floating through space. It is a regular desktop compute, with the words "Dimenshione Compute" written on it. A portal then opens up, and deposits Meme Man next to the compute. The portal then proceeds to crash into the left side of the screen, ejecting a few Pillars onto the screen like shattered glass. After the Pillars fade away about a second or two later, Meme Man notices the compute and turns it on. The compute briefly vibrates and pixelates while doing so. The computer then states that it can "reveal all," and presents Meme man with two options displayed as if he right-clicked: "Reveal All" and "Hide All," as well as the word "leg," which wasn't an option, but it appeared sideways next to the two options. Meme Man's cursor hovers over "Reveal All" for a few seconds, but Meme Man's face becomes mischievous looking, and he clicks "Hide All" instead. Upon clicking the option, the clicc vibrates left and right violently and flies off the screen. The entire scene starts to shake as the compute states "what have you done." The starry background begins to collapse in on itself, and Meme Man and the computer get SUCC towards the center of the screen as meme man says "o no" very stretched. A few other items fly in from off the screen and get SUCC as well: Orang, a Pillar, the clicc, the "Hide All" and "Reveal All" options, as well as a cube with pictures of space on its sides (This same cube was seen in "Council of the Ancients," when Orang clicked it to display the gravity switch). After everything has reached the center and the background has collapsed, a popup error message appears called "o no" and displays the text "this dimension has been S c r o n c h e d" with a cake icon next to it. The "X" button is greyed out, and the clickable options are "leg," "leg," and "drincc" (drincc is greyed out). Meme Man somehow survives the scronch and appears from behind the error message. He then states "let this be a lesson to all: donot meddle with an compute." The video then ends.

Trivia Edit

  • This video makes a cameo in "Council of the Ancients," another Surreal Memes Video by Timotainment and one of the Riddle of the Rocks Prequels, as Grand Pillar Cl'egius speaks to Meme Man, stating that he has destroyed countless dimensions.
  • Along with this one, all the rest of Timotainment's videos where a dimension has been destroyed and/or corrupted are displayed.
  • This means that these all occurred before Meme Man met Orang, despite his cameos in some of these videos.

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