The Plnat, also known as T'this plnat, is an (arguably) sentient plant that has been destined to destroy the world. The specifics of this destiny remain unknown. The Plnat rejects the prophecy, having said, "NO I don't wnant that." Despite this, "it's wishes are i r r e l e v a n t." (See right)


Little is known about the plnat's abilities. If its meme's original narrator is to be believed, the plnat possesses the ability to end the world. Also, the plnat's apparent lack of agency in its predicted destruction of the universe would suggest that it lacks agency in other matters as well. This meme may also provide insight into how fate plays into the lives of other memes. Due to the tone of the meme's narration, it is speculated that the plnat is unaware of the i r r e l e v a n c y of its wishes. This has not been confirmed, and it remains a possibility that the meme's narrator is simply refusing to speak directly to the plnat out of disrespect and/or apathy.


  • Little is known about the plnat's origins. It is contained mostly within a dark-brown pot. This suggests that it, at one point, had a caretaker or guardian of some kind.
  • It is possible the Plnat is related to Vegetal, as both are evil, and from the plant kingdom.
  • From the Plnat's point of view, it may not be all that bad. The Plnat clearly says that it doesn't want to destroy everything. The text states that he will still do it. Looking at the situation through the Plnat's eyes would suggest that maybe the text is forcing the Plnat to commit wrongdoings against its own will.
    • It could even be a minion, or employee, of The Teapot. This theory is supported by the fact that the teapot desires a neogenesis, and could have forced the Plnat to attempt to destroy the world.