Flawless picardia by epycwyn-dbkbyfq

A standard Picardía face.

Picardía Faces (also known as Coolguys) are a type of character in the Surreal Meme Universe that appear quite often, and are typically bad bois (other than Mr. GREEN Forest) who are not to be trusted. Their actual name is Coolguy.

They are known to give dialogue that they say will give you something like "Retweet for free Ipod" or "Upvote for macbook pro".

Specific ones Edit

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The most famous Picardía faces in Surreal Memes are Dr COOL Jasper and Dr DARK Francis, though there are many others. Most are like Dr COOL Jasper, in the sense that if a carbon-based life form utters a certain word, they will be summoned.

Some Picardía faces inhabit the ΠБe145.21th dimension, as seen in Quest for the Octahedron. A few of them will chase down beings who utter the word "wake". This was seen happening to Meme Man and Orang in Quest for the Octahedron.

There is also The Omniscronchulon, the most destructive Picardía Face that ever existed.

Appearance Edit

They are 3D illustrations of smiley faces making thumbs-up gestures.

Each Picardia face has a coloure that represents their ability.

Trivia Edit

  • Picardía faces originate from a whole other meme entirely, known as the Picardía meme, which was often used to mock nations and political ideologies.

Appearances Edit

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An angry Picardía face without glasses.


Dr COOL Jasper


Dr DARK Francis

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Picardia Faces From Quest For The Octahedron

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Dr COOL Jasper, about to I C C E Meme Man