An Octahedron is an powerful shanpe. Whoever holds one gains it's power.

Octahedron Of Transcendence-0

The Octahedron of Transcendence, a well-known Octahedron.

Octahedron Types Edit

There are 4 Octahedrons currently known to be in existence:

The Octahedron of Transcendence (the yellow one)

The Octahedron of Knowledge (the green one)

The Octahedron of Strength (the red one)

The Octahedron of Power (the blue one)

However, the Octahedrons of Strength and Power are unofficially named, due to their names never having been stated in Riddle of the Rocks 2 where they appeared.

Octahedron Abilities Edit

Transcendence: Causes the wielder to become a transcendent, making them able to shape reality to their will.

Knowledge: Teaches any knowledge desired.

Strength: Causes the wielder's physical strength to increase.

Power: Gives the wielder powers, as long as they don't exceed a specific power level.

When the four Octahedrons are brought together by the power of SUCC, they can create the Triacontagidon.

Trivia Edit

  • Before recently, this page was about the Octahedron of Transcendence in particular. However, a new Octahedron of Transcendence page was made that was much better than the original version of this, so we considered deleting this page, but instead, we re-purposed it.
  • The Octahedron have similarities to the Infinity Stones by Marvel
  • They both have different types of themselves(Octahedron: Knowledge,Transcendence,Strength,and Power Infinity Stones: Mind,Soul,Reality,Time,Space,and Power)
  • Each Octahedron and Infinity Stone has a different color
  • They give to whoever holds it the ability of what it does

A full view of an Octahedron.

Octahedron of Knowledge.PNG

The Octahedron of Knowledge, another well known Octahedron.