Highlighter Man

"Uh oh! You friccin moron." - Highlighter Man
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No Gender is a meme made by Special meme fresh


This meme depicts Meme Man ready to assault and clean the area of any genders that may have infiltrated the premises. Because Meme Man is even at this sight, it is clear he possesses no gender. He will be ready to destroy any genders on sight that may make an appearance in the area.


The meme at first might not make a lot of sense, but upon a slightly deeper look you can see that it plays on the prolonged discussion about genders and their role in society. The meme constructs a new meaning for genders, as simple orbs containing energy, which, makes them pure beings and not available for any further interpretation. The meme also features the nihilistic way of seeing things, as all genders will be destroyed, even though without them there won't be anything left, or perhaps the meme is trying to conceive that it is not the genders that define us, but ourselves, which is a much more positive outlook. Regardless of the above, the meme clearly plays on the important role of genders in our society.

Or it's just a meme about Meme Mans prolonged fight against all things Orang corrupted and made unholy.


  • In meme lads episode 3, meme man sees the gender sphere collection, and pulls out an assault rifle to destroy them, a direct reference to this meme
  • this image:



  • The rifle that meme man uses is an ak-47