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Mr. Tomto is a minor character in the Surreal Meme Universe

About Edit

When Meme Man needs hart, he meets Mr Tomto, who is good for hart, but he turns out to be a VEGETAL, because he has VEGETAL friends, and he does not know the nature of his existence.

He also asks himself if he is a froont or a VEGETAL, causing him to experience C R I S I S I D E N T I T Y.

Due to his identiy crisis, it is unknown if he is a froont or a VEGETAL.

Mr Tomto might be a froont like he says so, but his friends are VEGETAL, so maybe he is a VEGETAL like his friends, but it is unknown.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Tomto is what appears to be a red tomato with limbs and a face.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why Mr. Tomto's friends are VEGETALS, since they are also tomatoes, meaning they should be froonts.
  • He is not to be confused with the user Mr. Tomto.

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