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Meme Man HD

"Cool, but not suitable" - Meme Man
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Fusion is a minor character in the surreal meme universe who appeared in the background of some videos.


He appeared in Bagel Boy's video Icced. In it he sells Meme Man some Bepis, which did not have Ice in it. He does not seem to posses any of Meme Man's or Orang's traits, like being evil, succing, or being a hero. (Being evil is Orang's trait, and being a hero is Meme Man's and also maybe Orang's. Do not get them confused!)


He appears to be a "Fusion" between Meme Man and Orang. He has the head of Meme Man and the body of Orang.


  • His voice is identical to that of Orang.
  • Some theorize that he is actually Orang in disguise, wearing a mask. However, it appears his Meme Man face is attached to his body and not a mask. There are no straps or any fasteners visible.
    • However, other memes show a similar character who is indeed Orang in a mask. In these memes, fasteners are visible.

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