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Whoomst'd've dare TOCC
T R A N S C e N D E
~ Elephoont of the Shapes to Meme Man and Orang

The Elephoont of the Shanpes (or simply Elephoont) is an elephant god (presumably an Ancient) who guards the all-powerful Octahedron of Transcendence. He plays a major role in the Riddle Of The Rocks Series.


The Elephoont makes his debut appearance when Orang and Meme Man attempt to grab hold of the unguarded Octahedron of Transcendence in Riddle of the Rocks by BagelBoy. He abruptly appears to prevent them from taking it and states that he only allows beings to touch the Octahedron and "T R A N S C e N D E" if they solve the Riddle of the Rocks. He then introduces himself as the ELEPH0ONT OF THE SHANPES. He has managed to keep anyone unworthy of the Octahedron's power from touching the Octahedron until the events of Riddle of the Rocks.

Orang takes Meme Man to a location where they can find out the answer. They encounter a Pillar that tells them the riddle. But because they have accessed the knowledge of the ancients, the Pillar attempts to destroy them via scronching. Orang "sacrifices" himself to save Meme Man, but this was merely a ploy to earn Meme Man's trust and Orang got up unharmed. It can be assumed that the entire interaction was deliberately planned and orchestrated between Orang and the Pillar. Orang and Meme Man return to Elephoont to tell the answer to the riddle. They successfully solve it, and Elephoont grants both of them the Octahedron. However, Orang betrayed Meme Man and forcefully snatched the Octahedron. He channels its power and uses its power to unleash a brobdingnagian sized army of vegetal. The Elephoont—deeply worried by this turn of events—performs a ritual on Meme Man and summons the Council of The Ancients to allow him to "Ascend". Meme Man then realizes the truth of the universe he failed to see, to "Never Trust Orang". Meme Man and Orang then charge at each other.

Elephoont then returns in the Riddle Of The Rocks sequel by BagelBoy. He is first seen chained up by Orang and condemning him for using the Octahedron of Transcendence for evil. Orang expresses little regard for his actions, and proceeds to state that he is merely getting started with his reign. Right before Orang begins to perform another action to further his power, Meme Man appears and seizes the Octahedron from Orang, and breaking the handcuffs locking the Elephoont up. Meme Man takes the Octahedron back to its original place before it was bestowed upon them by Elephoont; presumably so Elephoont can continue to guard it and keep it away from evil. Elephoont appears again during the Battle of Meme Man and Orang. As Orang summons an army of vegetal to overwhelm Meme Man, Elephoont tells Meme Man that he "must tapp into the power within" to which Meme Man assembles eight hands which fire lasers that defeat the vegetal. He appears once more, and gives Meme Man the ability to grow a pair of hands to use in combat.

Elephoont makes a minor appearance a single panel comic posted by user GammaRaul on Reddit, in which the Elephoont is urging the reader to proceed with caution before they further disrupt and break time.

Elephoont makes his last appearance in Coda of the Cosmos. He is seen once again guarding the Octahedron of Transcendence to prevent it from falling into evil hands. Meme Man and The Dimensional Oculus request the Octahedron to stop The Omniscronchulon. Elephoont promptly and unquestionably grants access due to his high trust in Meme Man, but they both discover that the Octahedron is not in it's usual placement. Elephoont then joins Meme Man and the Oculus in The Cosmagon in order to locate the Octahedron. They discover it to be in the possession of a vegetal. After Meme Man attempts negotiating the retrieval of the Octahedron, he battles the vegetal and defeats it with the power of Succ. Elephoont joins the rest of the cast on the quest to defeat the Omniscronchulon and save the multiverse.



The Elephoont appears to be a large elephant donning a headpiece, and multiple humanoid arms which appear to shield and protect the Octahedron. He has a very low and powerful sounding voice, and speaks in a extremely distorted version of Surreal Speak.


  • The Elephoont has guarded the Octahedron since the beginning of time.
  • After Elephoont denies Orang and Meme Man access to the Octahedron of Transcendence due to them not knowing the Riddle of the Rocks, he then presumably speaks part the riddle. If listened to backwards, the listener will hear "To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty." which has become a popular copy-pasta within Rick and Morty fan communities.
  • Curiously, the Elephoont speaks typical Surreal Speak in Coda of the Cosmos as opposed to his unique dialect.


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