"DIPP 2: HAPPE" is the sequel to DIPP. In this episode, Meme Man awakens in a basement, tied up. Orang appears, revealing the he had put D R U G G into the D I P P S A U C C to put Meme Man to sleep. Orang then prepares to interrogate Meme Man on the whereabouts of the Octahedron by forcing him to eat a vegetal saland with no meant. However, the words "no meant" cause a steank to appear and ask "did somebody say no meant?" before leaping into Meme Man's mouth. The steank makes Meme Man H A P P E, granting him the power to summon the Steank to do his bidding as well as destroying his binds. Orang reacts by summoning his own guardian, Vegetal, and the two summons fight.

Adaptions Edit

  • This is a YouTube only meme which is not an adaption