A sort of "slang" term used by higher level beings such as Meme Man to show they like or that something is well. It is Meme Man's tried and true catch phrase, along with words such as "SUCC" and "ANGERY".

History Edit

Cool and Good most likely first appeared in the early surreal meme Angery. Since then, the phrase has been used in a multitude of surreal memes, mainly the traditional type.

Variations Edit

"Warm and bad" is currently the only variation of the phrase used in canon surreal memes, but there are many non0-canon variations, ranging from describing things amazing or awful. Here are the most commonly used ones:

Absolute zero and truly magnificent

Subzero and blissful

Freezing and excellent

Cold and great

Room temperature and adequate

Lukewarm and unsatisfactory

Warm and bad

Hot and awful

Scorching and terrible