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Coda of the Cosmos is a YouTube surreal meme, released by BagelBoy. It's considered the grand finale of surreal memes for a lot of people, especially on youtube, and kills off Meme Man for good.

Coda of the Cosmos was released on YouTube at 10:30PM UTC on July 17th, 2020.



The video starts with a shot of Meme Man in a region filled with ice and snow, frozen in ice. He has pondered for far too long, so he breaks out of the ice. Suddenly, an orange portal opens, and many Orang come through it to capture Meme Man. They take him to the Ancients, accusing him of making the multiverse suffer. Meme Man objects to the accusations, stating that he couldn't have done them. Quadrotix mentions the many dimensional tears and Vegetal uprisings that have occurred across the multiverse, and the ancients can link them only to Meme Man. They ask if any other lifeforms are able to support the claim, to which the Proprietor says yes. He states that no other being has the power to do any of it. The other Orangs support this with mention of the struggle against the Vegetal they had to endure, and state that Meme Man should be punished.

Orang comes in through a portal and makes an objection, stating that they are coming to conclusions too quickly, suggesting that there may be other things that could've caused it. Isosceles states that the Ancients can see the entire plane of existence and would've noticed if that were the case, but haven't seen anything. They unleash the Triacontadigon to banish Meme Man to the void. The Dimensional Oculus teleports in, stating that Meme Man is innocent. He tries to save Meme Man from the Triacontadigon, but the Ancients blast him. Meme Man falls into the void. The Oculus is furious, stating that he would scronch everyone in the room if he could. The Ancients warn him that they could banish him as well.

Suddenly, the dimension cracks and several dark beams are unleashed, scrombling the Ancients, the Orangs, and the Proprietor. The Oculus grabs Orang and teleports to safety, claiming his crew must "depart with haste".

Meme Man awakens in the Void, unable to figure out why the Ancients thought he was guilty of multiversal crimes. He then proceeds to encounter Fusion. The former is surprised the latter knows his name, but then asks why Fusion was also sent to the void. The Ancients considered Fusion to be a mistake, though he tells Meme Man not to worry about him.

Later on, Fusion says that he knows a place that will "explain everything". The two head to a structure that contains a sinister truth.

the appendage of a deceased enlightened being

Meanwhile, the Oculus and Orang are brought into a field filled with scrombled lifeforms, all of which are unable to do anything in their current state. The Oculus states that to unscromble everyone, they need the help of Meme Man. The duo are interrupted by a dimensional tear, which gives the former an idea. He states that the tears serve as gateways between to the void and back, but only for enlightened beings. He then reveals that he used to know another enlightened being, but they vanished one day, he then pulls out an appendage stating that it is the last remnant of their being.

Back in the Void, Fusion and Meme Man arrive at the structure. Upon looking through the widnow Meme Man sees a series of pipes being operated by The Scribes, who remark at how everything is going according to plan. Upon further inspection it becomes apparent that the machinery is being operated with power harvested by the The Omniscronchulon who is imprisoned in a box.

Meme Man realizes that the Scribes are responsible for the actions that he was punished for, which makes him ANGERY. Fusion warns him to be careful, but Meme Man does not listen, he jumps through the widnow, and he is immediately spotted by Scribes, who mock him. Meme Man then destroys all of the pipes, accidentally releasing the Omniscronchulon, who immediately scronches the scribes. Meme Man asks where the Scribes went, and the Omniscronchulon explains that those who are scronched in the void are gone forever, and then he starts attacking Meme Man and Fusion.

They both run out of the structure which is then destroyed by the Omniscronchulon. They run past Money Face who is relived to finally have someone to sell his satellite dishes to, but he is scronched. Meanwhile, Oculus and Orang come up with an idea; Oculus pokes the appendage through the tear, and it links up with a tear in the void, but it closes too quick. But then, a massive tear opens up.

Meme Man and Fusions last moment rescue

Back in the void, Meme Man and Fusion are still on the run. The Omniscronchulon grabs Meme Man, but Fusion saves him. They then notice the tear with the appendage poking through it, the pair grab it and are pulled out of the void at the last second. The Omniscronchulon is enraged, but he notices his hand glowing where he grabbed Meme Man, as well as a tear.

Meme Man awakens with the Oculus and Orang standing over him. Meme Man elucidates at what happened in the void and Oculus says how it is strange that anyone would be able to harness the power of his brother, but that it is good that nothing stands in their way. He then summons the Cosmagon, a vehicle capable of transporting immeasurable amounts of lifeforms between dimensions at incredible speeds. Oculus and Orang get on, Meme Man senses that something may be wrong, but decides it's probably nothing and gets on as well. They take off and leave. Fusion watches them leave, and expresses anger at being left behind.

the Cosmagon filling up

There is then a montage of Meme Man unscrombling everyone, including the Anthropoid of the Working Class, the Alien, the Orangs, the lads, and the Proprietor. However, he ignores the council. Meme Man then looks out of the widnow, and is bewildered to see himself standing outside. Oculus suggests that he go and communicate with it, but it attacks. Meme Man is able to defeat it, but there turns out to be an army of clones. They elect to leave the dimension.

Oculus goes to try and think of how to destroy the clones, whilst Alien requests to talk with Meme Man. Alien talks about how Meme Man seems to be quite the Samaritan, and how he often takes risks to help others, and Meme Man say how he feels he causes as much harm as good, and how as long as those who do their best to help others persist, there will only be those that wish to ruin their image. Oculus then returns saying that he has come up with a plan: to find the Octahedron of Transcendence.

The realm surrounding the the temple of the octahedron has been depleted in the shanpes absence

The Cosmagon teleports to the temple of the Octahedron. Meme Man comments that the land feels depleted, and we see that the Elephoont of the Shanpes has been scrombled, Meme Man unscrombles him and asks for the Octahedron. Elephoont accepts, but it turns out the shanpe has been stolen, Elephoont smashes the temple in frustration. The Cosmagon then sucks Elephoont inside, where he is scanned it's computer, which detects a link to the Octahedron and locates the artefact. The Cosmagon then teleports to it's location.

Meme Man goes outside and he spots a Vegetal holding the octahedrons of transcendence and knowledge, upon stating this, the Warrior Orang declares it blasphemy, as he thought they had driven them to extinction. Meme Man approaches and asks for the shanpes, to which the Vegetal responds with attacking him, stating that the shanpes belong to him. They then have a brief fight involving hundreds of Vegetals appearing seemingly out of nowhere, but when a giant Vegetal collides with Meme Man and nothing happens, it is revealed that they are all illusions created by the octahedrons, and the Vegetal doesn't know how to use them properly. Meme Man then uses Succ on the Vegetal and kills it. He is hit on the head by the octahedron of knowledge and discovers something, while it is unknown what specifically it was, it is likely to either have been knowledge of the forbidden enlightenment technique or knowledge of the enlightened being that Oculus once knew and his actions. Whatever it was, it makes Meme Man feel deceived. It can be assumed that it was either the corruption of the Council, the oxymoron of his existence being unable to prevent evil, or something else.

Just when Meme Man is about to execute the mass unscrombling, the Cosmagon receives a communication. It's the Omniscronchulon, who tells everyone in the Cosmagon that they are all destined for scronching, and that the octahedrons won't be enough to save them this time. Oculus says that he's right, they don't have enough time to find the two other octahedrons, which leaves them with one option, to awaken the Pillars. The Orangs all reject this idea, with the Proprietor stating that they would rather die, but there are no other options.

Meme Man convincing the Proprietor and the Pillar Lord to work together

The Cosmagon arrives in The Pillar Lord's domain and Meme Man gets out and unscrombles him. He then asks him to help them vanquish the Omniscronchulon. The Pillar Lord says that Meme Man has much gallantry to call upon them, but before he can say more he is attacked by the Proprietor. Thy have a brief fight until Meme Man stops it, saying that neither will continue to exist if they do not cooperate, the two accept and they move on.

With everyone now in the Cosmagon, they set off to find the Omniscronchulon. Oculus remarks on how he expects they will find him soon, as if on cue, the Omniscronchulon then appears right behind them, grabs the Cosmagon, and throws it onto a cliff, breaking it.

The Omniscronchulon merging the Planes of Existance.

2020-09-14 (2).png
Screenshot 2020-08-31 coda of the cosmos.png

The Omniscronchulon then merges the multiverse (all of the dimensions) with the void, ensuring that everyone who is scronched will vanish forever. Oculus questions why he insists on causing suffering, and more importantly, why he was created. The Omniscronchulon answers that he is more than just the Oculus' brother, that Oculus' darkest emotions manifested his being. Oculus refuses to believe this, and attacks the Omniscronchulon. Meme Man searches for the Octahedron of transcendence, he eventually spots it, but the shanpe is out of reach. Elephoont then throws it to him, and Meme Man transcends. Meme Man then joins Oculus and helps fight the Omniscronchulon. He lets out an onslaught of punches on the Omniscronchulon, who quickly recovers and follows up with a scronch laser. Oculus and Meme Man shoot out their own beams to try and counter it, after a brief back and forth, the laser hits the Omniscronchulon, who collapses onto the floor. Orang then tells him his reign of destruction is coming to an end, and unleashes the Pillars. The Pillar Lord unleashes a scronching beam, but it has no effect on the Omniscronchulon. The Omniscronchulon claims that he is the essence of impurity and thus cannot be scronched.

Fusion arrives behind the group, Meme Man asks whether he know how to vanquish the

Meme Man's last words

Omniscronchulon, but Fusion attacks him. He states how no being understands him, all he wanted was to be equal, and none of them understand what he is capable of. He then absorbs the Omniscronchulon and initiates the Omega Scronch. Oculus tells Meme Man that there is nothing they can do now, but Meme Man states that there is. Meme Man performs the forbidden enlightenment technique, he frees Fusion, separates the Planes of Existence, undoes the Omega Scronch, and destroys the Omniscronchulon, and with it, all impurities. What happens to Meme Man remains unknown, all that is known is that he no longer exists anywhere in the multiverse or the void.

2020-07-20 (3).png

Oculus tells Orang that they would all be lost if it weren't for him. Alien then gives a speech to the whole group that they should all make superlative usage of their time and should know when it is time for it to all be over. Isosceles shows up and asks where Meme Man is, and Oculus tells him. Isosceles says that there is no longer a need for a council and so they are dissolving it, and they apologize for any blunders they had made. Oculus then asks Orang what his perception of this is, to which he responds 'cool and good'. Orang then walks away as the credits roll. When he comes to a stop he looks up and spots a Meme Man-shaped constellation.




  • BagelBoy has announced that this will be his last surreal meme video.
  • It is likely that he only killed Meme Man for a good reason to end the series.
  • Being 35 minutes, this is one of the longest surreal meme videos to date.
  • This video has by far the largest diverse cast of all surreal memes.
  • This video is the first to explore other planes of existence, with most other ones only being different dimensions.