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CO L o u r e s[1] is a meme made by MC_Las Edit

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This meme is about Meme Man's contemplation into unleashing the seal on the colors. Meme Man ends up doing so, breaking the barrier into 6 fragments, and in turn is mocked by Orang. Some speculate this is the origin of Orang in Surreal Memes, similar to the Pandora's Box story of ancient Greek Mythology. There is also a theory that Orang is actually Meme Man's uncle, who got trapped by The Omnischronculon. After it got defeated in Riddle of the Rocks 2, time resetted and everything went back to normal.

Trivia Edit

  • The Coloures are actually a Color Wheel, however, other appearances show them as beings similar to Orang, however this may be what sealed Coloures look like
  • It is not known WHY they were sealed, though it might have been because of Orang


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