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Bepis is a very common drincc [and the best] within the surreal meme multiverse. It is featured in multiple stories such as in 8 twelve on "What TyPe of BEPOS are You." It is rich in moisture, which is necessary for carbon-based lifeforms to exist. It is called many other things such as bepsu, bepsi bepos, bepis, and beppp. Bepis was created by the shibers, it is their favorite drincc

There is also bepistm maximum, which contains the caffine, and crystal bepsisu, which allows more photon boyes to pass through than regular beppp. There also exists BOOPIS, a variation of bepis that can cause A S C E N S I O N E . In the video by BagelBoy ICCED, Meme Man purchases bepis from a being named Fusion.


WARNING: If yuo ar alerngicc to any of the ingremdientts in Bepis, donot drincc, or you’r headd wil explode.


Bepis is commonly served in a can. It varies from being blue or orang.

Pepsi is an inverted version of Bepsi that is consumed by single-dimensional beings. Pepsi has been weakened so it is consumable by single-dimensionals.

Nutritional Value

BEPSU can be served with icce cuboids. One may have a sipp or succ of the liquid bepis, which will enable them to acquire the liquids of the beverage.

Because of its delicious taste and high moisture content, Bepis is a common target for Scronching.

The hero Bepis Man has taken upon himself the task of beating up any evildoers who would Scronch the Bepis of innocent lifeforms.

(Always be careful when inserting icce cuboids into Bepis)


Many shibers also enjoy the drincc.



  • Bepsu’s only known rivaling brands are Conke, Sproot, Nanfa, and Cranada Wet
  • The image of a Shiber after drinking Bepis is actually of a Shibe Inu who ate a scorpion
  • In the Surrealverse Bepis is high quality and Conke is low quality



Do not vandalize this article, or you will be attacked by Bepis Man. Just like Orangist260 did it.